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If you love how you look with a tan but are worried about the potential hazards of sun exposure or tanning beds and booths, SunKissed Spray Tanning Salon is your best option. There are so many reasons to choose a spray tan. We’ve listed several spray tan benefits below:

  1. Avoid the risk of skin cancer
    The increase of people with skin cancer is alarming. Each year, 2 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer and the majority of them get it from UV rays from natural sunlight or tanning beds. A SunKissed spray tan offers you a cancer free tanning option, giving you a spectacular look without health risks.

  2. Avoid physical damage
    Ultraviolet rays from the sun or lamps are known to cause skin cell damage such as dark spots on the skin. Wrinkling is another common issue that occurs from prolonged exposure to UV rays. Your skin may also dry out and become leathery. You don’t want your skin to look like a crocodile handbag. SunKissed spray tans won’t cause damage to your skin.

  3. Avoid wasting time
    Due the fast pace of the modern life, you need services that give you the best results in the least possible time. A SunKissed spray tan offers you a total tanning experience in only 10 minutes. Don’t waste your precious time.

  4. The natural look
    SunKissed offers you the best technology to give you a natural tan. Getting a spray tan at our salon produces results that look natural and real.

  5. A great tan without being bored
    To achieve radiant skin with a beautiful, deep brown hue, you must stay out in the sun for hours, which can be boring. At SunKissed, you can have a natural-looking, all-over tan in minutes, after one spray tan session.

  6. No tan lines
    Your spray tan is all-over. That means that you have an even, natural-looking tan without tan lines. Spray tan technology gives you this experience in total privacy.

  7. Natural products for a tan that lasts
    We use natural spray tan products that help your deep, even tone last.