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SUNKISSED specializes in Spray Tanning services, located just in the middle of a very large and commercial area of the RGV.
The enthusiasm of a new local bussines, the expertice of people who have worked in the field of customer service for twelve years and the last generation technology developed by Versa Spa, together make the perfect combination to offer a great “boutique salon” experience. We also offer a new line of advanced skincare products and other beauty and personal care services to pamper our visitors. After your visit you will look gold and feel great.
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Active and modern women and men, deserve to feel confident and look great without sacrificing their health and time. The fast rythm of today’s life require a place where people can take a break to pamper and recover.
Spray Tan is the new sunless tan alternative that emerged form the concerns about skin cancer resulting from an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays of tan beds and baths. Spray Tan is a new exciting expirence with100% UV free sunless tanning and 0% health risk.
Spray Tanning Salon


Is to create a place with the perfect combination of efficient technology, well trained proffesional staff and a comfortable atmosphere to bring our customers not only the excelent tan service they are looking for, but the best and unforgettable moments of their day every time they come and visit us.