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Eyelash Extensions in McAllen Texas!

Divine Lashes

Divine Lashes are eyelash extensions applied with the most modern and innovative techniques to achieve beautiful eyes.

Divine Eyelash Extensions - McAllen                Get Eyelash Extensions in McAllen TX

These eyelash extensions use a new procedure for elongating and thickening your own eyelashes in a semi-permanent way.

Divine Lashes are applied one by one to your existing eyelashes to give them a highly natural and beautiful look.

Divine eyelash extensions:
  • Are NOT fake eyelashes.
  • Are NOT eyelash groups.
  • Are NOT eyelash strips.

They are extensions of your own lashes!

Our eyelash extensions are longer, thicker, and lightweight. They are made with natural materials and applied with a hypo-allergenic glue that will not burn or sting your eyes. Give them a try today - (956) 414-8132

McAllen Divine Eyelash Extensions

Devine Lashes by Yezika Benavides

Divine Lashes - Eyelash Extensions in McAllen TX                Divine Eye Lashes in McAllen

Taking Care of Divine Lashes
  • Do NOT wet your lashes for the first 24 hours after application.
  • Do NOT use eyelash curlers.
  • Do NOT apply mascara or any other cosmetic product.
  • Do NOT rub your eyes.
  • Do NOT remove your Divine Lashes without the help of our specialist.
  • Only use oil-free makeup removers.
  • Wash and dry your eyes very gently.
  • Your Divine Lashes must be touched up every two weeks.

Compared to our competitors, we will provide you with divinely spectacular eyelash extensions.

McAllen Texas - Divine Eyelashes

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