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SunKissed McAllen Tanning Salon!

Ready to Visit Our Unique Tanning Boutique in McAllen?

We have a spray tanning experience that is perfect for you. Let us help you decide which of these is best for you:
  1. Pre-sunless PH Balancing
  2. Sunless Bronzing
  3. Anti-aging Skin Firming Moisturizer
Just let us know a little about your skin and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll help you choose your best option at our spray tanning salon.

Every Detail You Need

When you have questions about spray tanning, we have answers.

Our McAllen, Texas, spray tanning salon has a different approach to tanning. Our staff can answer any questions you have about our facility or the process. Just use this contact form or give us a call at (956) 627-4112.

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